advantages of a childbirth doula

Advantages of a Childbirth Doula

Natural childbirth is what most mothers dream of but many are literally terrified of the prospect of giving birth with literally no medical or pharmaceutical intervention. There are so many horror stories circulating on just how painful giving birth can be and how stressful it was on mum and baby that it is no wonder many mums are frightened by the prospect. Although an age-old practice, Doulas are now becoming quite popular for the assistance they can offer from the early days of pregnancy right on through to the moment of childbirth.

Here are some of the advantages of a Childbirth Doula.

Advantages of a Childbirth Doula #1: Reduction in fear

Perhaps the most important service a childbirth doula can provide is to help eliminate fears that most soon-to-be-mums experience. As mentioned, there are so many well-meaning people who share their own experiences but their efforts are not always met with gratitude. Instead they prompt undue fear in mum, which has its own set of issues that can soon develop. By helping to reduce fear, a doula provides a way for the mum to relax.

Advantages of a Childbirth Doula #2: The benefits of helping Mums naturally relax

What many women don’t know is that fear causes the secretion of hormones that can actually hinder the birthing process. Stress hormones can cause the muscles used in birthing to tense up thereby causing unnecessary pain. A doula teaches techniques that help mum relax, which in turn releases the body’s natural defence to stress, endorphins. These substances facilitate relaxation in the muscles which enables the body to move the baby through the birth path easily without constrictions.

Advantages of a Childbirth Doula #3: Information needed to make the right choices

One thing a doula does not do is act in a medical capacity. We are not doctors, nurses, physicians’ assistants or midwives. We in no way offer medical advice and in fact, we don’t offer advice but rather show expectant parents where they can find the information they need to make choices that are right for them. When confronted with any kind of ‘problem,’ parents often don’t know where to find the information they need to decide how to progress and doctors and nurses often don’t have time to sit and work them through their options.
By working together with parents and medical professionals, doulas can offer assistance that is invaluable during pregnancy and birthing. There are a number of advantages but the most important aspects of working with a doula is in the ability to overcome fear and to take advantage of information provided so that they can be less fearful based on well-informed choices.

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