The Benefits of Emmett Therapy during Pregnancy

What is Emmett Therapy?

The holistic health practice known as Emmett Therapy uses a combination of gentle switches and light pressure to release specific muscle groups, enabling the client’s body to return to a balanced state. The treatment lasts between 30-40 minutes and is performed over light weight clothing.

Emmett Therapy & Pregnancy

In pregnancy, Emmett Therapy can help muscles adjust as your body changes, allowing you to be in a more relaxed physical state through the whole pregnancy. Emmett Therapy can also release hip, back and shoulder tension, reduce fluid retention, improve lung capacity, help with cramping and give an overall sense of balance. It helps to ready your body for birthing.
The Emmett Therapy can also assist when your baby arrives. With a few simple moves, issues such as your baby’s inability to settle or to feed successfully from both breasts may be addressed.

Emmett Therapy Post- Pregnancy

Post-natal treatments help to re-set stretched areas of your body and to bring your body into balance.
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