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How HypnoBirthing and a Childbirth Doula work together to create a positive birth experience

Although there are a number of drugs and medical procedures that can work to relieve pain and stress on the mother during childbirth, many mums prefer a more natural route. A trained professional Doula can offer amazing stress-relieving techniques such as HypnoBirthing to make the total experience much more relaxing for both mother and child. Here is how HypnoBirthing and Doulas work together to help parents make well-informed choices that are right for them.

The Duties of a Doula

Before trying to understand the benefits of HypnoBirthing, it is a good idea to understand the role and duties of a Doula. In no way, shape or form is a Doula meant to be a substitute for a proper medical team. We are not doctors, nurses or midwives but we do work with them to help allay your fears for the upcoming birth of your baby. We are trained to help you understand what your doctors, nurses and midwives tell you and will help you work through questions you may have. We don’t answer those questions but will give you the benefit of our knowledge and experience to formulate your own answers.

HypnoBirthing Services Doulas Offer

The purpose of HypnoBirthing is to help mums naturally maintain a stress-free environment from the moment they first realise they are pregnant through to the birth of their child. With techniques developed to relax and calm your nerves, mums can go into childbirth in a frame of mind that benefits both the physiological and psychological process of giving birth. When a mum in labour tenses up there are natural side effects that hinder the body’s muscles from acting as they are meant to do naturally. By achieving a calm state, the body produces natural endorphins that promote relaxation and a freedom from fear. Throughout your pregnancy we will work with you on these techniques to ensure they are perfected by the time labour begins.
Whether there are medical issues that prevent a completely natural childbirth or everything flows smoothly along the way, a Doula and HypnoBirthing can work together to help you calmly make all the decisions you will need to make in order to ensure the safest birth for you and your baby. HypnoBirthing and Doulas work together to bring peace and tranquillity throughout pregnancy and birthing by helping parents know their choices and by giving them the ability to make those that are right for them in their circumstances.

Trish Cumming from Trish Cumming HypnoBirthing is a trained Gold Seal awarded practitioner in the internationally renowned HypnoBirthing technique called the Mongan Method, she is also a professional childbirth doula with many years experience. If you’re interested in learning more about how Trish can help you to achieve your birthing goals – whatever they may be, and experience a positive birth experience, contact Trish now on 0413 647 109 or complete our positive birth experience consultation form at the top of this page.

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