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Learn relaxation techniques so that you can give your baby a welcome that is calm, gentle and safe. Achieve birth fulfillment, awake and alert, and in a totally relaxed state of mind and body.


HypnoBirthing® gives you choices in Birthing

There are many choices to make when preparing for your birthing experience. And with the wealth of information out there, keeping it simple can be challenging. At Trish Cumming HypnoBirthing we like to keep things simple too. We believe birth is simple and preparation for your birth should be focused on giving you the tools you need to make informed decisions.
The first decision you’ll need to make is what sort of birth you want…. ?
Home Birth, Water Birth, Birth Centre or Hospital birth – At the end of the day (baring any special circumstances) it is your decision, and in order to make that decision you need ALL the facts. Now you could spend hours trawling medical websites, forums and facebook but the quality of the information on these sites is usually biased at best.
If you want to get unbiased information, then you need a childbirth education class… But which one?
Trish Cumming HypnoBirthing Classes will give you the facts, the support and the techniques you need to confidently birth your baby. We believe it’s not about telling you HOW to give birth, but rather helping you to achieve the best possible outcomes for you and your baby. HypnoBirthing is about empowering you with the knowledge you need to make informed decisions. You decide how and where you give birth, who is on your birthing team and we’re here to support you through our HypnoBirthing Classes Brisbane. Click here to read through the course outline. 
Trish Cumming HypnoBirthing Classes Brisbane are currently held at The Avenue Chiropractic Clinic in Ashgrove. Click here for our Class Schedule. 

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