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Hypnobirthing Story: The Birth of Ferdinand

This is the Birth Story of Yuk King and her son, Ferdinand.

Thank you so much for your wonderful support, I think HypnoBirthing, and your attitude and presence especially, was a wonderful help and support in my second birth. The course was definitely one of the contributing factors in how easy, gentle and exciting my second birth progressed.
I have to write the report for the HypnoBirthing clinic soon so this will just be short email only for you. But the birth started at 9am and I was fully dilated by 10am. Happily listening to the HypnoBirthing on my ipod while my husband tried to tidy the apartment so that it looked presentable for Dr Chung and Nurse Bahn! Dr Chung arrived at 10.20 and by 11.09 we had Ferdinand in our arms and breastfeeding. A relaxed and wonderful experience, very fast and yet completely controlled.
All the way through I felt absolutely in the zone, akin to the concentration in sports training. I knew from my first surge that the baby was going to come very fast, and I decided right then it would be the best place to have him at home. I think both my husband, and perhaps even Dr Chung, did not realise how quick it would be, I told Tobias to get ready to birth the baby ourselves at one stage, and so of course he just called again Dr Chung, who was at that moment pulling into our car park.
In terms of my feelings, it was all so straightforward – I felt completely confident and that my body was doing exactly what it needed too. The surges started at three or two minutes apart, and they were intense towards the end but absolutely manageable. By the time I felt the head move down and my waters break, I knew that the baby would be here very soon. I didn’t need to be touched by husband and Dr Chung, and I told them that, because it felt greatly to be right inside my body and concentration, like the pinpoint focus of running/ or a strenuous Pilates session. There was a brief and amusing time when I was diverted by the fact that the baby moving through the surges, was actually a little bit like the territory of orgasmlite, and I remembered how much I had secretly mocked those elements of the hypnobirth DVDs. Yes, sorry trish 😉
The final surges/contractions Dr Chung told me to slow down to take care of the perineum, and I told him it was happening not from any pushing but I think I managed to do his pan breath to slow the baby progress perhaps a little. But I felt so good and certainly the push reflex was absolutely not painful (yes, as they say it was more like the inelegant vomit reflex) that I knew my perineum would be fine. (nb – Afterwards dr Chung thought there might be a small tear, but we confirmed later there was no tear at all and it was amazing by the next day I felt completely normal and could walk and do everything like pregnancy).
After about 7 or 8 contractions the baby was out and faring well.
Lots of love Yuk King

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