HypnoBirthing & Doula Testimonials

Read the HypnoBirthing Testimonials of Happy Mums and Dads who have experienced a positive birth experience thanks to HypnoBirthing and Trish Cumming.

" Prior to becoming pregnant I held a deep fear that I would not be able to handle the pain of natural child birth. I simultaneously held a deep desire to bring my child into the world in a peaceful and healthful way; the way nature intended. Being a redhead, research indicates that we have a lower pain threshold and I had never been seriously ill, broken a bone, or required stitches…so how could I even begin to imagine how I would manage what I had heard was equivalent to the pain of fracturing 20 bones at the same time?


I have always believed strongly in the power of mind-set, and with my newfound knowledge of how both my mind and body are designed to work in harmony during labour and birth, I finally felt empowered to surrender my body over to my deep instincts, confident that this would allow me to achieve the natural and fearless birth experience I so desired. This is the story of how I achieved just that; an empowering and pain-free birth, a life experience that I truly treasure, and a magical beginning for our beautiful son Jaxon, despite encountering a few challenging circumstances throughout labour. "

- Elizabeth, Zac & Jaxon
"One of the first things that Trish asked me when we met for our consultation was “Why are you interested in hypnobirthing and using a doula?” and my response was “I’m worried that I’ll do it wrong”.

During the hypnobirthing classes, I learnt that you can’t give birth “wrong”. I discovered the amazing power of my body and my mind, and how to join the two in relaxation and meditation to give birth in a natural and calm environment. Our birthing day was so relaxed, to the point I didn’t realise I was in labour for about 5 hours!
Trish was our doula also, and she was an amazing guide through the birthing experience 🙂
- Nicole & Michal & Xander
<span> , 2015</span>
"The best advice I was given by my Hypnobirthing teacher was ‘No one I have spoken with has regretted having a Doula, however those that didn’t have one wished they had’! I was referred to Trish and after meeting her before the birth of my beautiful daughter we instantly resonated and I knew she was the Doula for me.

Trish is an angelic light with a calm, friendly presence. Energies that were well received on my babies birthing day along with Trish supporting me into a state of calm using the Hypnobirthing techniques I learnt and reminding me of my power. She was by My husband and my side the entire journey helping with whatever we needed,especially with her magic hands massaging my lower back for hours!!! It would not have been the amazing Natural birthing experience it was without her!!
THANK YOU TRISH for your loving self and service. x
Jade & Matt Geyser"
- Jade & Matt , 2015
<span> , 2014</span>
"Hi Trish, I’m so sorry I never got back to you!  I really want to thank you so much for helping Harley and I prepare for labour.  I did a great job, if I do say so myself.  It was a 26 hour labour but I loved the whole thing.  After 22 hours I went to the birth centre and the nurses assured me I didn’t look like I was about to have a baby and that I should probably go home.  I asked for a cervical examination first, at which time they realised I was actually fully dilated.  I was in such a good rhythm with HypnoBirthing they couldn’t tell that my contractions were in fact 2 mins apart as I sat waiting for them.  All the midwives were amazed how calm I was and asked Harley for your card!  A total success, Arwen Rose was born on the 18th November, just as my dream predicted.  You really  helped us create a beautiful environment for our baby to be born into.  The only problem I face now is convincing my pregnant friends that my story is real!"
- Elizabeth , 2014
<span> , 2014</span>
"Each session of the HypnoBirthing course was very interesting from beginning to end.  Patricia made us discover how deep in relaxation we can go and how in tune with our body, and with our baby to be born, we can be, to a point we didn’t even expect.  Having had the demonstration of how to do the relaxation exercises and let go, we are now able to continue our birth preparation on our own and wait for the birth day with confidence and a bit of a thrill.  The class also helped us improve our communication about our birth expectations and realise we were entitled to fully discuss our birth preferences with our care providers.  We envisage now the upcoming birth as an empowering experience in which the 3 of us (Mum, Dad and Baby) have an active part to play, and look forward to it.  Thank you Trish for sharing your knowledge with us and for making this class a beautiful journey!"
- Anne & Cyril , 2014
<span> , 2013</span>
"Thanks Trish for taking my husband and I on the HypnoBirthing journey!  Having completed the course I now feel confident and excited about the experience of birthing our baby instead of feeling anxious!  The course not only provided tools for relaxation but also helped us to negotiate our labour and birth preferences with our Obstetrician.  We wouldn’t have known that certain options exist or to ask these pertinent questions (as first time parents) had we not completed the course.  A very empowering experience…so thanks again!"
- Tanya & Thai , 2013
<span> , 2011</span>
"We (me and my husband) were thrilled to learn that we can actually experience a comfortable and relaxing birthing and that it’s even possible to do it by ourselves at home (if we choose to). This class has opened our eyes and minds to a whole new way of looking at birthing (which is actually the original way intended by God for humans). Trish made the lessons very easy to understand and applicable. We’re now very excited to welcome our daughter into this world with much gentleness and love."
- Amy Loh , 2011
<span> , 2011</span>
"We would like to thank you for the very useful 5 HypnoBirthing sessions we had with you, we were much calmer and knew what to anticipate than we thought we would be, on the d-day itself. The course has definitely helped us.   Cheers!"
- Aster and Chris , 2011
<span> , 2010</span>
"The HypnoBirthing course was full of great information and techniques. It was awesome to see so many relaxed and easy births on the DVD’s, helps to believe it is actually possible! I believe preparation is so important and this course teaches useful and practical tips on how to achieve the best results for mum and baby. Trish did an awesome job in sharing this HypnoBirthing with us. Thank you for your support and guidance!"
- Chrissy & Darcy , 2010
"I had heard lots of positive talk about HB in the UK, and was thrilled to discover a HB Practitioner in Seoul. Even though my husband was very skeptical, he agreed to give it a go. The weekly sessions run by Trish Cumming – set in her comfortable home – became something that both of us looked forward to. The classes were intimate and friendly, and very instructive. Not only was Trish able to inform us fully about the ideology of HB and lead us through the relaxation techniques, she also took the time to answer all our questions. Each session also included a short video of a HB birth, so we could actually see for ourselves the techniques put into practice. Watching these made me feel very positive about my own upcoming labour.  The classes would end with a hypnosis/relaxation session, so we would both go home feeling energised and empowered. By the end of the sessions, we are both feeling much more relaxed and positive about the birth, and now feel it is something to look forward to rather than something to dread! Thank you Trish!"
- Angela Joseph
"Patricia took the fear out of birthing! Being in a foreign country made things more scary, but her kindness and guidance made the process an exciting and joyful event for both of us. We’re so happy to have had the opportunity to experience HynoBirthing. We have recommended it to everyone we know!
- Sarah & Tom
"I am a total convert now-the breathing was amazing and I feel so proud and pleased that I had a baby myself – it is a very empowering thing. Connie is a really good baby (not that you get bad ones!) feeds well, looks about 2 weeks old and is settling right in."
- Gail
"My HypnoBirthing practitioner guided my husband and I by building our confidence through learning the techniques, so our pregnancy became a well-prepared transition to becoming new parents.  The HypnoBirthing techniques encouraged me to look inward, allowed me to maintain a healthy perspective throughout and helped me discover my strengths as a mother in childbirth. The many hours spent preparing for our HypnoBirthing drew us closer than we have ever been as a couple and we have had a new respect for each other during this experience."
- Elizabeth & Kyle
<span> , 2007</span>
"I couldn’t imagine my pregnancy or birth without Patricia’s amazing class.  Her ability to channel the HypnoBirthing method to each student and instill in them the confidence in their body’s own ability to birth was just remarkable. I became more and more relaxed throughout the six week  course and by the end I experienced my pregnant state as one of bliss!! My birth was also blissful and natural, just what I wanted.”"
- Amanda Butterworth , 2007