What is hypnosis?

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Hypnosis is a very pleasant and naturally occurring state of altered awareness. Much like that lovely state you slip into as you doze off to sleep or as you are naturally awakening. Some people describe it as being ‘in the zone’, similar to when you are completely absorbed in a book or movie where you are centrally focused and loose awareness of the external environment.  Hypnosis is relaxing with both your mind and body to a naturally safe level that allows direct communication with the subconscious mind.  The subconscious mind is the part of your mind that controls our body functions, it is also a vast storage facility for our memories and emotions.  It is the part of our mind that asks no questions, has no perceptions, opinions or views and without the ability to distinguish between what’s right and wrong, true or false Hypnosis is able to restructure and redefine deep rooted emotions within the subconscious mind which in turn can facilitate change on a conscious level.

Who can be hypnotized?

Absolutely anyone can be hypnotized provided they are willing. Some people are concerned that they will loose control or be made to do things that they otherwise wouldn’t. It is reassuring to know that our subconscious mind (the part that is accessed during hypnosis) will always keep us safe and never allow us to do anything that is against our morals, ethics or good taste!

What is hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is using the hypnotic state for therapeutic benefit and is practiced by professionals who have undertaken study with a professional organization to help people achieve their best potential. Check that your hypnotherapist is a member of a professional organization such as the Australian Hypnotherapy Association.

What is hypnotherapy used for?

Hypnotherapy is used to effectively treat a very wide range of maladies, here are a few examples…anxiety, stress relief, public speaking, PTSD, fears & phobias, depression, weight loss, pain management, relaxation, surgery preparation, self esteem enhancement, learning challenges, habit changes, addictions.

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“I called Trish some weeks ago to discuss whether hypnosis may be appropriate given a few things that I have been struggling with for some time. Trish was great over the phone, listening to each of my issues and we established an appointment for a week down the track. Arriving at her office, I completed the questionnaire and then Trish and I spent another 20 minutes again discussing my issues and talking about a time when things were working well for me; not so well and what being able to more actively control these issues would look like for me. Then came the fun part! I got to lie down in a plush leather recliner and Trish tucked me in with a soft blanket. She spoke to me in a series of statements, leading me to a very relaxed state, although I struggled to maintain the ideas thought many times that I may not have been able to be hypnotised. The next thing I knew, I heard Trish quietly telling me to slowly open my eyes. I felt incredibly relaxed and light – as though I had just had the BEST sleep ever. On review, I learned that I had been hypnotised for a far greater timeframe than I had thought.
So, a week later, how do I feel? I feel great (despite a little upset tummy yesterday). I have found that sticking to the plans that I have made has been easier, I am far less anxious and stressed than prior to the hypnosis (and this is during an organisational restructure!), and the relaxed feeling that I had a week ago has continued to a more functional degree. The desire to do things that I am trying to control (eating, drinking and being inactive) is certainly greatly reduced. Its not that the thoughts don’t pop into my head; but I am more calmly rejecting them. Overall, I would say that, for me, hypnosis with Trish was a really worthwhile experience and I am very glad that I did it. I am looking forward to seeing how I manage my habits in the weeks and months to come”.  
“I found that Trish has a calming nature, willingness to listen and was responsive to my interaction during the hypnotherapy session.  The atmosphere of security and peace when in session encouraged me to explore possibilities of opening up to the information needed for me to expand my awareness of self and my subconscious mind.  This enabled me to confirm a change of direction in my life and purpose that I have now started to implement.  I look forward to my next session with Trish to explore the possibilities of my unique unfolding self.”                                           Robert Vicary – The Gap

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