Ob suggests C/section & mum goes into labour naturally

We welcomed out little boy into the world on Friday 29 March at 41+1 weeks. Our doctor had been supportive of our HypnoBirthing intentions and desire for a natural birth however as we got past 40weeks (and we had been sent for a growth scan as doctor believed baby was on the larger side) there was discussion of a caesarean. The doctor thought this would cause the least distress to myself and the baby but left the decision with us. At this stage induction had been ruled out as the doctor did not believe it would be successful (which was fine with me as I didn’t want to be induced anyway!) Having to make a decision about a cesarean overnight actually caused me quite a lot of stress as it was against what I had envisioned as my birthing experience and I had begun to have some doubts. Deep down however, I believed I could birth my baby naturally (big or not!) and was right as I went into labour at 1am the next morning! 

We stayed at home using HypnoBirthing techniques (affirmations, relaxation, visualizations, music, candles, birth ball, vision board, aromatherapy, dim lighting) for the first 5 hours. This was a really beautiful and exciting time. We lit our candle but in all the excitement I believe ‘somebody’ forgot to let you know…!

On arrival to the hospital we had a fantastic midwife who listened to our preferences and was happy to follow these although she was definitely spruiking ‘pain relief’ options until I reminded her I would prefer not to be offered these again unless I made the decision. We kept up with many HypnoBirthing techniques as well as minimal monitoring and vaginal exams. I was free to move around and my husband was a fantastic birthing partner who was calm, confident, encouraging and good at massage! 

Our son was born 6hrs after we arrived at the hospital weighing 3.7kg/8lb2oz. In the end I did opt for some pain relief but was confident in my decision and avoided an epidural and caesarean which was my main goal. During the whole birthing process I felt calm and in control and I believe much of this is owed to HypnoBirthing. Our son was also incredibly calm throughout the whole process and very relaxed on arrival. We had skin to skin immediately and we are now enjoying breastfeeding.

There were many reasons we opted for a hospital delivery after the IVF process however having now experienced birth and what my body and mind is capable of I would definitely consider an alternative if we are ever blessed with another opportunity. Our home environment compared to the hospital was definitely more conducive to relaxation although overall I am incredibly happy with my whole birthing experience and even the doctor said if he had to be wrong about something, he was glad it was how everything progressed on it’s own in the end! 

Anyway that’s our story! Thank you so much for sharing your Hypnobirthing knowledge with us – we have definitely been spreading the word to family and friends and sharing our POSITIVE story with soon to be parents. 

Eileen’s vision board, which was a very special part of her birthing day.


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