Useful Pregnancy Resources, Information & Links

In the course of my work, I have come across many practitioners, organisations and websites that provide fantastic pregnancy resources (many of which are free). Below is a list of my favourites, and while it is by no means comprehensive, I hope that it will help you to find the information you are looking for. If you come across any other pregnancy resources that you think would be beneficial for other Mums-to-Be, please send them to me for consideration.

Accupuncture & Fertility (Chapel Hill) (including IVF)

  • East West Fertility Centre provide natural support for fertility, pregnancy, labour preparation & muscular skeletal issues.  Jenny (Clinic Director) has a special interest in infertility, pregnancy and Women’s Health. Her skill at treating these disorders comes from over 30 years clinical experience in using acupuncture, Chinese herbs and other therapies to promote fertility, support healthy pregnancies and babies and rectify Women’s Health disorders.  I have personally experienced Jenny’s gentle yet effective acupuncture:


Chiropractic Care

Get yourself in balance during pregnancy to help ensure optimal baby positioning for labour and feel great.



 Emmett Therapy

Homebirth support

  • Home Birth Organisation.  Homebirth Queensland is a volunteer run, not for profit organisation developed purely for the purpose of supporting women and their families who choose to birth in the comfort of their own home.  Regular support groups and their own publication “Down to Birth”, provide a wonderful avenue for homebirth families to support each other:

Homeopathy (Gaythorne)

  • Cyena has been our family’s Homeopath since we arrived in Brisbane in 2011.  Our eldest son suffered regularly with chest infections and tonsillitis.  The homeopathic remedies not only helped alleviate the discomfort of the symptoms but helped him return to full health in a very short time.  The remedies also boost his immune system as his infections are now a thing of the past.  Cyena also provides Homeopath ‘kits’ for pregnancy, labour, birth and postnatally.


  • Hormonal physiology of childbearing:  Evidence and implications for Women, Babies and Maternity Care.  A comprehensive report authored by Dr Sarah Buckley.  Provided by Childbirth Connection-A program of the national partnership for women and families.

 Human Rights in Childbirth

  • Every woman has the right to access the healthcare support that she, personally, needs for a healthy birth.  Every woman has the right to be respected as the decision-maker about her own care and her baby’s care.  Every healthcare system should be equipped to meet women’s individual needs and personal decisions around childbirth.  HRiC is committed to supporting the efforts of individuals and organisations working all over the world to promote the fundamental human rights of pregnant people.

HypnoBirthing Resources


Naturopathy (The Gap)

  • Local Naturopath Debbie Leigh:  Debbie  has been practising naturopathy, nutrition, herbal medicine and remedial massage in Brisbane for more than 20 years, and is now working  from her private clinic in The Gap.  Debbie began her career in natural therapies in 1980 and received a Degree in Medical Herbalism and Naturopathy in 1988.  Debbie has a reputation for her knowledge and skills in natural therapies, as well as for her personable and caring attitude. She has a history of successfully treating a broad range of illnesses and health conditions.  Debbie loves her work, loves people and will help you achieve better health (as I can personally attest to.)

Nutrition (The Gap)


Open Hearted Mama – the open hearted mama online program is a fabulous way to enjoy motherhood even more so you can break free and raise your family the way you dream of doing it.
Triple P parenting

Pilates (The Gap)

Placenta Encapsulation

Carla Morgan
Moran Liviani

Women’s Health Physiotherapist

Kirsty Bright – The Gap

Remedial Massage & Reflexology (The Gap & home visits)

  • Robert from Alive Radiant Therapies offers the best holistic massage services for pregnant women.  Robert specialises in Reflexology and Remedial Massage, along with myofascial release.  He has an intuitive way of finding the exact places that need the most attention!  Visit him, (as I do – regularly) you’ll be glad you did.  Robert works from his clinic at home in The Gap along with the clinic at East West Fertility in Ashgrove:


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