Testimonial from Ob/Gyn Dr Peter Whanook Chung

The above photo is myself and Dr Chung taken at his Natural Birthing Clinic, I have just presented Dr Chung with his HypnoBirthing Practitioner Certificate (October 2010).
Testimonial from Obstetrician/Gynecologist/HypnoBirthing Practitioner and Director of MediFlower Clinic, Seoul, South Korea.  Dr Peter HW Chung MD PhD
“I am an OB/GYN who had worked at a large hospital for a long time and who was used to the medicalized way of birthing. In 2007 I opened UBWomen’s Clinic which focused more on gynaecological treatments than on births. Then in October 2008 I met Trish. Before I met her I thought birth could only be safe in a hospital, but Trish made me completely change my opinion. At the time a mother-to-be called Amanda, who wanted a homebirth, was taking HypnoBirthing (Mongan Method) classes with Trish and they were looking for a doctor to assist. I had until then only experienced a ‘chance’ home birth and, with my little knowledge on home birth, the thought of attending Amanda’s made me anxious. After Amanda’s HypnoBirthing classes were over she went into labour, but together with Trish I was able to feel confident throughout the whole birth. It was a very special experience indeed. I realised that HypnoBirthing can make not only the birthing mom and her family but even the attending doctor feel comfortable. Amanda and Trisha were calmly and happily working together enjoying the long labour. It was as if two people who got on together very well were slowly walking up a mountain. This was a totally different approach to birth than I was used to with pain relieving drugs and the use of medical equipment; relying on the established system and its facilities. Through HypnoBirthing and Trish and Amanda I realized that a natural and happy birth did not depend on hospitals and doctors trying to achieve a better result. I realized that what I should do is support the mother in having a good birth, ensuring she has the right environment and help her free herself from the fear wrongly associated with birth so that she could realise her natural birthing instinct. I have come to believe that this way the baby can bond with the father and feel deep love, and that this makes stronger families in turn leading to a peaceful society. The following year, Trish and I opened the first HypnoBirthing Practitioners’ workshop in Korea. And 5 trainee practitioners (including myself) are now preparing to become certified HypnoBirthing practitioners.
Since Amanda’s home birth other mothers wanting a natural birth have contacted me and before I knew it I have become the only doctor in Korea who supports natural birth in the form of home births and the only doctor giving training in HypnoBirthing. Furthermore, the first birthing centre where a doctor and a midwife work side by side will open this autumn.
There is currently one HypnoBirthing practitioner, Lisa, who is active in South Korea and many people, especially many international mothers, are giving birth happily and free of pain. Still, many mothers-to-be in Korea have never heard of Mickey Mongan or Trish, but I am sure that soon many pregnant women will be able to go to HypnoBirthing classes to prepare for their own happy birth and happy family. This great development for South Korean mothers-to-be all began with Patricia Cumming, and I hereby would like to express my deep gratitude and my great respect for her effort”.
Mudit HW Chung MD PhD
PS: Dr Peter Chung has since opened the very first Natural Birthing Centre in South Korea, where women and their partners can birth in a beautiful, homely environment.
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