Top 5 Reasons to See an Osteopath During Pregnancy

1. Pain relief

Osteopathy is a drug-free and safe approach to pain relief for back and neck pain, pubic pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, heartburn/reflux and rib pain. Appropriate techniques are chosen based on your stage of pregnancy and to ensure comfort at all times. We have a customised pregnancy cushion that lets you lie comfortably on your belly.

2. Help you adjust to the physical changes of pregnancy

During pregnancy, with more weight in front of you from your belly and breasts, your centre of gravity changes. Along with the extra hormones that cause ligament softening, you can end up with back pain, sciatica, neck pain or joint instability. Osteopathy can help your body adjust to these changes and help you enjoy your pregnancy.

3. Optimal foetal positioning (OFP)

You’re more likely to have an easy labour if your baby is in optimal foetal position. That is: head down, lying on your left side. Any tension or restriction in your pelvis, back or abdomen can affect the baby’s room to move. By ensuring good mobility of the spine, pelvis and your muscles, the baby will be more likely to adopt an OFP.

4. Easier labour

It’s not rocket science – if your body is free of restrictions and functioning well during pregnancy, then labour is more likely to be easier. Imagine going into labour with a sore back – it’s hardly going to help the process!

5. Relaxation and preventative care

Giving yourself some time out for relaxation and nurturing is important. Even if you’re feeling well, osteopathic treatment during pregnancy is great for relaxation and general well-being. Any little niggles can be nipped in the bud before they become problematic.
For Mums-to-Be in Brisbane’s Western Suburbs, I highly recommend Simoni Pilavakis from Nurture Health Osteopathy. Simoni can be contacted on 07 3161 2982 or visit her website by clicking here.

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