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What is a Childbirth Doula and why do you need one?

A Doula is a childbirth professional trained to provide emotional, informational, and physical support & comfort to pregnant women before, during, and after  birthing. The word Doula is derived from ancient Greek and can be translated as “a woman’s servant.”
Historically, women have relied on members of their family and community to provide support during childbirth, and that is where the concept of a Doula originally came from. However, nowadays the occupation is more diverse, as a licensed Childbirth Doula can be any age or gender, although females still tend to be the leading demographic in this field.
Here are just a few of the reasons why many mothers choose to enlist the assistance of a Childbirth Doula:

Childbirth Doulas Produce Tangible Results

Numerous clinical studies have shown that Childbirth Doulas do in fact provide very real benefits. First, childbirths assisted by Doulas tend to result in fewer complications and shorter labours. Furthermore, many pregnant women and new mothers have reported having a more positive outlook about childbirth thanks to the support of their Doula. Statistically, women who have the assistance of a Doula are also less likely to require the use of labour-inducing drugs, vacuum extraction, forceps, and other forms of medical intervention. In addition, women supported by a Doula also make fewer requests for epidural medications and they have a lower rate of caesarean births.

Doulas Reduce Stress and Postpartum Depression

Preparing for childbirth can be an extremely stressful time for a woman, especially if she’s never given birth before. Excessive anxiety and stress can have a negative effect on the outcome of childbirth, and can increase the chances of a woman developing postpartum depression. Mothers who used the assistance of a Doula have reported having lower rates of depression and stress leading up to and after the childbirth process.

Doulas Help Babies Do Better as Well

Several studies have shown that babies who are born with the assistance of a Doula tend to take to breastfeeding more readily, experience fewer or shorter stays in hospital nurseries, and show more affection towards their mothers during the postpartum phase. The positive effect on the baby is likely facilitated by the education, preparation, and sense of wellbeing that the doula gives to the mother before and after childbirth.
Finally, another major reason why many women are seeking out the help of Doulas is because the practice is in line with what we have always done as communal human beings, and that is to support and aid each other through important life events, in particular, childbirth.

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