What is a positive birth

A positive birth is a birth where the woman feels in control, respected, and able to make choices based on accurate information. Not all women look forward to giving birth. Indeed, many approach their impending birth with trepidation or even fear. But if a woman is able to have a positive birth experience, she will enjoy it and be able to look back with a sense of warmth and achievement.
Many women say they want a natural birth, but “natural” is something of a misnomer these days. Once upon a time, a natural birth meant no medical intervention whatsoever. Babies were born vaginally; there was no gas and air, no mechanical extraction, and no doctors waiting on hand to perform a caesarean if things did not go to plan.

A Life Changing Moment

Today things are very different. Women can book an elective caesarean if they don’t want to give birth vaginally and even if a woman claims to have given birth naturally, it is highly likely that she was given pain relief at the very least. But irrespective of how a woman gives birth, the most important thing is that the experience is a positive one. Giving birth is always a landmark moment in any woman’s life, but a positive birth can heal a previous birth trauma, heal emotional wounds, and resurrect a relationship.
Unfortunately, too many women these days are not having positive birth experiences, which is a terrible shame because a bad experience will stay with a woman for a very long time, affecting her relationships, her health, and making her fearful about subsequent births.

Stay in Control

A positive birthing experience is different for every woman. The birth need not be drug free or even natural. Rather, the key to having a positive birth is being in control of your destiny and understanding what is happening at all times. You may have to make challenging decisions as your labour progresses, but as long as you are given all the options and feel able to make choices based on the available facts, you will feel empowered instead of afraid.

Dignity and Respect

Giving birth is an immensely powerful experience. It is what women were born to do. Every woman deserves to have a positive birthing experience, with or without medical intervention. Whether you are planning a home birth or a hospital birth, there is no reason why your experience should not be a positive one.

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